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version 3.0a2

June 17, 2012
Copyright 2012 M. Scott Marcy
Original Starfish engine copyright 1999-2003 Mars Saxman
Accelerated Starfish engine copyright 2012 M. Scott Marcy

About Starfish

StarfishX is a Mac OS X-native application which generates cool desktop patterns. It is based on Mars Saxman's Starfish pattern generation engine. The following are a few of the highlights of StarfishX:

  • Mac OS X native cocoa application.
  • Accelerated and multi-threaded to take full advantage of multi-core Intel Macs.
  • Support for multiple monitors (you can generate a different pattern for each monitor connected to your computer).
  • Support for TIFF, JPEG and PNG image formats.
  • Option to generate patterns in the background without the main application being open.
  • For advanced users: A command line generator for the ultimate in control and flexibility.
System Requirements

StarfishX is FREE!

StarfishX and it's source code are released under the GNU General Public License.


You can see some sample patterns created by Starfish here, here, and here.


Other Operating Systems

Starfish is also available for:

  Windows 98 and later
   (by John Kale)


First and foremost, 99.99% of the credit belongs to Mars Saxman, who wrote the original Starfish program and made it open source. Without him and his generosity, you and I wouldn't have StarfishX today!

In addition, I'd like to thank my beta testers for helping me to find and fix bugs before I release StarfishX publicly: Todd S., Dan W., John B., Bwass, Elbert W., Trevor M-L, and James G.

Thanks to Bwass for the French translation of StarfishX!

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